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emotional and physical distress

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emotional freedom techniquesA Self Help Book

Emotional Freedom Techniques is an effective self-help method. If you have emotional distress like anxiety, fear or old painful memories, this small, self-help book may be just the answer. Emotional Freedom was written for the average person. This is a healing method that is safe and fast. It is easy to learn. Once learned, you can use it for all your issues. It is taught so anyone can do it. Teach it to your friends.
In Latin America, Therapists got 60 to 70 % positive results with tapping therapy from mental health clinics in two countries - 14 years of records from 11 clinics - 26,000 patients! (See: Research on Emotional Freedom Techniques - Efficacy of Emotional Freedom Techniques or how well it works - Brain scan proof) In these clinics, they used tapping on acupressure points just like this book teaches.

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A self help book for ordinary people and therapists.

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It's so nice to have you around. Being a teacher in Canada,
yours is the only book I tell my EFT students to purchase.
Thanks, again, for writing it.
Crystal Hawk, Psychotherapist

See recent research results of this kind of therapy.